Architecture is a strange mixture of persistence and flux, an amalgamation of different types –  some that have been around for over 5,000 years and others that were (re)invented yesterday.

The fact that these ‘form-types’ change, according to different cycles and economies, and for different reasons, turns each building into a complex collage of the archaic and the current, the site-specific and the standard, the permanent and the spontaneous.

Only by looking at these types under a wide lens can we recognize the cultural preferences, forgotten symbolism, technological advances, mutations triggered by intensifying global exchange, climatic adaptions, political calculations, regulatory requirements, new digital regimes, and, somewhere in the mix – the ideas of the architect.

BÜRO Haller investigates and speculates on new ‘form-types’, developes strong, economic forms of architecture, seeks beauty in the banal and tries to produce buildings with no meaning whatsoever (in regards to any stylistic tendencies).

Recent work includes a competition for a school in collaboration with NL architects and Inside Outside/ Petra Blaisse, various luxury retail stores as well as several renovation projects.

BÜRO Haller is based in Zurich.

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